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  • Do I need to wear socks?
    Keeping our playground safe and clean is our top priority and grip socks are required for every participant to maintain the cleanliness and safety at the playground. You may bring your own or purchase our custom Confetti Kids grip socks. Parents who play in the playground are required to wear socks.
  • Can adults play in the playground?
    We encourage parents and adults to play with their kids! Our playground equipment is safe for kids and parents big and small up to 305lbs.
  • How old do I have to be to play in the playground?
    We urge you to use your best judgment concerning the skill level of you and your children. We have a dedicated toddlers-only area for kids 3 years old & under, but the little ones are free to enjoy other areas of the park if they wish. Kids and parents playing in the toddler area need to play like a toddler in this area. Our climbing walls are great for kids 6-12 or between 36-60” tall and 30-200lbs
  • When is the best time to come play?
    If you want to avoid crowds, weekdays (and non-holidays) are the best time to play!
  • Can I leave and come back?
    Your play pass wristband is valid until it expires. You can come and go as you please during your play pass time frame.
  • Can I just come shop at the party store without going to the playground?
    The party store is separate from the playground and you can come shop anytime! We have a full-service party store that carries themed plates/napkins, decorations, candles and balloons!
  • Is there Free Wi-Fi?
    Yes! Confetti provides complimentary Wi-Fi to all paying participants.
  • Can I drop off my kids and pick them up when their time is up?
    All children need to be supervised by an adult at all times during their play time. For their safety, please do not leave children unattended.
  • What are the playground rules?
    -Grip socks are mandatory when playing on the playground for all kids and adults -Everyone must have a signed waiver to gain access to our facility (even if you’re not playing!) -No running - especially up the slides and inside the playground -No rough housing -The toddler area is for kids under 3 or friends who are playing with the toddlers. No big kid play here! -Adults are responsible for supervising your children -No outside food or drink is permitted in our facility -No food, drink or gum is permitted in the playground at any time!
  • Can teenagers or adults play without bringing kids?
    Our playground is best for kids ages 1-12. It's actually a lot of fun for adults as well, but because we have so many little kids around, we want to make sure they stay safe. So we don't allow teenagers or adults playing without younger siblings or kids in the playground. We also require parents to stay in the building to supervise their children.
  • Do parents have to pay to come in?
    Parents and babies under 11 months old are free with a play pass! Each play pass also gets 1 FREE adult during their visit. Any additional adults are $5 each.
  • What if I still have more questions?
    Use the contact box below to reach out if we didn’t answer your question here!
  • For a private party, do you get the whole place to yourself?
    A Private Party at Confetti means that you get a private room for the 2 hours during your party. The playground is a shared space. You have 15 mins before and 15 mins after for setup/takedown!
  • Can I bring my own cake or food for my party?
    We only allow cake with a scheduled party booking. Our basic party table package doesn't include food. We can add pizza and drinks to your party, or if you wanted to bring your own, we can add the $24.99 outside vendor fee to your bill! You can always bring your own cake when you book a party!
  • Can I come celebrate without booking a party?
    We don't allow you to bring food/cake or presents without a party booking. We would love to help you celebrate if you choose! If you're looking for a discounted group rate for groups larger than 10, call ahead and schedule a play time!
  • Is there anything I should do before coming?
    Save yourself some time, and sign a waiver online before coming to play! Everyone who is planning on staying in the building is required to have their own waiver. This helps us keep track of our capacity and who is in the building. And don’t forget your grip socks!
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