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About confetti

Confetti Kids Club is all about PLAY! We think play isn’t just part of the fun, it’s how we learn best!  Our brains (kids and parents alike) are made to learn through play.  We believe that having a place for kids to move, play, and have fun is the best way to grow in confidence, strength and community.  


Confetti Kids Club is located in St George, Utah across from the Red Cliffs Mall on the opposite side of the freeway.

Mission & Vision

To create a safe space for parents to connect with their kids through True Play


True Play (v): doing something for enjoyment that doesn't promote ego. True Play is for pure enjoyment to become more easily tapped into your true self. It's not something that makes you better, faster, stronger, smarter...


Hint: kids are naturally REALLY good at this 😉

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We're in the business of 
true play

Our mission here at Confetti is to help parents connect with their kids through TRUE PLAY. 


TRUE PLAY: Doesn’t make you better, faster, stronger, or smarter.  True Play centers you and helps you feel more like your true self.  Something pointless, but completely fulfilling.

CONFETTIArtboard 34 copy 17.png
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